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Issue 19 (part5) is out

Read, free download or order print here


04 Cover girl: Josefine Östman

18 Photographer: Sam Geals (InlineSix)

32 Model: Laura Jane Dunkerley

44 Photographer: Jan Hammerstad

56 Model: Michaela Backlund

70 Monthly Winner: Lys Tiger

80 Model: Karolina Karasiuk

92 Photographer: Claudia Ferrari

104 Model: Joy Draiki

116 Editorial: Metropolis

122 Photographer: Daniel Gharanfoli

130 Editorial: Days Are Dreamed

136 Model: Giulia Lupetti

148 Photographer: Debabrata Ray

160 Bibi make up queen

161 Winners issue: Maria Rita

170 Model: Michelle Broek

184 Photographer: Dimitri Bekaert

196 Editorial: Italian beauty

202 Model: Adriana Mansfield

212 Monthly Winner: Tom Rider

224 Editorial: Baby its cold outsite

234 Model: Brenda Taga

244 Editorial: Underconstruction

257 Winners issue: Miguel Colinet

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