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Issue23 (part2) May 2017 IS OUT

Read, download free or order print here

04 Cover Girl: Claudia Borioni

16 Photographer: Marco Rösch

26 Model: Céline Courard

38 Photographer: Gerolamo Marchetti

50 Model: Weronika Matuszak

62 Monthly winner: Cecillia Patricia

72 Photographer: Monika Wiktor

84 Model: Michelle Graziani

96 Photographer: Paolo Manzini

106 Model: Mellifère Hammamélice

118 Editorial: Urban sonnet

130 Win a nice healthy surprise

132 Photographer: Jakob kjeldsen

140 Model: Marleen Bastiaannet

153 Winners issue: Matan Eshel

164 Model: Sofie Thuesen Broeng

178 Stylist: Sofie Thuesen Broeng

190 Model: Helen Wykes

202 Photography: Studio Focas

214 Editorial: Tropical

226 Monthly winner: Sofia Frändeby

239 Winners issue: André Paape

250 Editorial: Lookbook

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