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Issue24 (part2) June 2017 IS OUT

Read, download free, or order print here


04 Cover Girl: Lea Jones

14 Photographer: Fausto Furgeri

28 Model: Yentle Mercedes Beers

40 Photographer: Sebastien Sechinffon

52 Model: Gwenn Van Damme

60 Monthly Winner: Pavel Tsvetkov

72 Model: Shelly d'Inferno

80 Photographer: Adam Overgaard

94 Model: Lisa Rajewski

104 Photographer: Barbara Srokowska

116 Editorial: Blueberry Hill

128 Photographer: Michael Butz

144 Model: Maria Boström

157 Winners issue: Nicky Jay

166 Singer & Songwriter: JASON

172 Photographer: Daniel Munk

184 Editorial: Rainbow Journal

192 Make -Up artist: Joanna Gajos

198 Monthly Winner: Ilaria Saltarella

210 Editorial: Love at first Sight

219 Winners issue: Kirill Buryak

228 Photographer Sven Peeters

240 Editorial: Love yourself

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