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Issue25 (part2) July 2017 IS OUT

Read, free download or order print here


04 Cover Girl: Solveiga Mykolaityte

20 Monthly Winner: Paulius S.

32 Photography: Shades of Beauty

42 Model: Kelly Klein

56 I don’t even know your name

72 Model: Claudia de Wilde

84 Photographer: Nick Lauckner

98 Model: Michaela Cohen

108 Photographer: Sara lee

120 Editorial: Claudia Borioni

132 Model: Tara Salas

140 Photographer: Monika Madsen

152 Model: Sofie G. Hansen

164 Photographer: Gaëlle Spaas

178 Monthly Winner: Lara Macra

190 Model: Dasha Usova

206 Photographer: Simone Favilli

218 Editorial: Daphné Huynh

224 Photographer: Jakob Boie

236 Model: Jaquelen Silva

248 Make-up artist: Kat Barth

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