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Je ne connaissais pas (probablement parce que je suis coter francophone), mais je trouve très chouette le concept de s’intéresser à toutes les branches (photographes, modèles, marques, etc).
- Model Wendy – (Belgium)

Het is een interessant magazine waarbij nieuwe contacten en samenwerkingen tot stand kunnen komen. Veel verschillende en mooie stijlen van modellen en fotografen. Leuk om er door heen te bladeren en je te laten inspireren. Ik ben er heel erg enthousiast over en vind het leuk dat ik hiervoor ben benaderd om erin te mogen staan. Voor iedereen die het magazine nog niet leest het is een echte aanrader!
- Model Byoux Baardman - (Netherlands)

Ik vind het een leuk magazine, omdat je veel nieuwe modellen, make-up artiesten en fotografen kan ontdekken. Je leest ook effectief meer over hun leven en je leert hen beter kennen, dus dat vind ik wel interessant.
- Model Brenda Taga – (Netherlands)

A great opportunity to share my “crazy mind” with you. Joking aside it's an awesome magazine where you can discover great talents and lot of interesting stuff. Thank you for your patience!

- Model Adriana Mansfield – (Italy)

It’s a nice, inspirational magazine. I think I can learn alot from it and get in touch with models and photographers.
I think it’s a nice way to show yourself as the person you are…
Once again, I am really thankful for the oppertunity to be in the magazine!
Thank you alot, Peter!!
- Model Michelle Broek – (Netherlands)

I really want to say that for me to be interviewed for this magazine is such an honor and I’m so happy cause I use to read the magazine and it is very helpfull not just for the people that want to become models but for everyone that want to become part of the fashion’s world, that is something very important to share advisement and news and to show faces that represent this extraordinary world. Thank you so much.
- Model Giulia Lupetti – (Italy)

I think it’s brilliant! The focus is on the people behind the work, and not selling products. Hopefully something like this could be our new source of inspiration.
- Photographer Daniel Gharanfoli – (Sweden)

I think that it's great, full of great professionists and amazings pics.
- Photographer Claudia Ferrari - (Italy)

So far, I met with the portals only for photographers, this time it's different because I found a place where I, as a model I can show my creativity. The magazine is very clear and is a great place for all those who want to show their creativity.
- Model Karolina Karasiuk - (Poland)

Je ne connaissais pas l'ancien mais celui-ci me semble très bien. ;)
Découvrir ou redécouvrir de nouveaux artistes est toujours interressant.
- Monthly Winner photographer Lys Tiger – (France)

I think it's amazing. To see so many creative people around the world and be inspired is so fun. And maybe find some new people to work with. But it would be fun to see some more makeupartists too.
- Model Michaela Backlund - (Sweden)

Gorgeous magazine with good quality content. Happy to be part of it!
- Model: Joy Draiki – (Netherlands)

It looks great. I enjoy watching others photographers work, and I also think it a good idea to include interviews with models to give another side of the story.
- Photographer Jan Hammerstad - (Denmark)

Great! Lots of interesting people involved and plenty of inspiration to take in!
- Model Laura Jane Dunkerley – (London)

I think the most important thing here is that you’re positively exposing the work of creatives from all over the world, and it’s something which is often missed in the creative world. Creativity is a community and the magazine is becoming a community for people to show off their talents through the magazine and blog.
- Photographer Sam Geals - (UK)

I really enjoyed sharing my stories with you all. The magazine is a great way off focussing on talents in the industry. It’s a great way to tell different stories and showing different people. A lot of people will probably find out a lot of information about things they never knew before.
- Model Laura Parijs – (London)

I really love it, is really inspiring and accativating  from both the interview part and visual part .
- Photographer Marta Petrucci - (Italy)

Ik vind het een topmagazine omdat men de kans geeft aan modellen zich voor te laten stellen en zich te laten zien aan anderen en natuurlijk ook alleen al gevraagd worden voor het magazine geeft een enorme boost en een zelfzekerheidskick !
- Model Valerie breemans - (Belgium)

Very interesting and inspiring, curious to see what's coming next!
- Photographer Enea Arienti - (Switzerland)

I find it very inspiring and interesting to read about other people with some passion with in the same professions, both makeup artist, photographers and models. And it is rare, that you get a peek behind the photography and actually “meet” the person behind the face of the cover.
- ModelLeonora Frydensberg S - (Denmark)

I love the blog and there are a lot of amazing editorials, i found a huge quality of contents
and a lot of interesting interviews too, i hope to submit a story to your magazine very soon :)
- Photographer Antonio Funaro – (France)

I think it's a great idea to inform people and get information about models. as people behind the beautiful pictures the public sees. Sincerely, I wish you success and thank you for making me part of your work! With love Radina Kalkandjieva.
- Model Radina Kalkandjieva - (Bulgaria)

Je ne connaissais pas ce magazine avant que deux modèles me demandent
l’autorisation de publier mes photos pour leurs interviews. Je trouve l’idée intéressante,
cela permet de découvrir des photographes et des modèles.
- Photographer Lionel Le Biollay - (France)

Tof dat dit bestaat ! Je komt er heel wat te weten over modellen, fotografen en hun boeiende wereld!
- Ina Van Campenhout- (Belgium)

Ik vind het Modellenland Magazine een goed initiatief van Peter Poucke. modellen en fotografen krijgen de kans om zichzelf  te promoten en de persoon voor en achter de camera eens goed te belichten! Ik wil Peter Poucke dan bij deze bedanken voor deze kans!
- Model Stefan Visscher - (Netherlands)

I love the work you choose to publish. I've seen some of my friends' photos in the magazine. (Regards to Joakim and Per-Anders!) Keep up the high standard!
- Model Kristina Perälä – (Finland)

J’espère sincèrement que votre magazine trouvera son chemin, dans la jungle urbaine de la presse, car dans les professions notamment artistiques, ce n’est pas évident ! Mais il souffle un vent nouveau sur l’actualité du monde de la photo, en étant frais et lumineux… Je suis donc ravie de me retrouver interviewé ici même et lui souhaite une longue vie !
- Photographer  Mathieu Galfré - (France)

I think it’s a professional and high quality magazine. Very good for publication and spreading the work you do across the world.
- Cover girl Ewelina Horoszkiewcz - (Sweden)

I’m loving it! Super honoured to be asked to be featured! Sleek, fashionable, elegant and full of creativity.
- Photographer Ayla Elaine - (Italy)

I love the layout and the mixture of models, photographers and make up artists. I think it is great to focus on all of them since they are all connected in making of the perfect shoot.
- Model Johanna Markerius – (Sweden)

There is a lot of quality in every issue so it's good to know that there is a platform that supports everyone involved in the photography industry.
Keep up the good work.
- Photographer Steve Dean Mendes - (Belgium)

Beautiful and great for inspiration
- Photographer Miguel Colinet - (Sweden)

I like it, usually see links now and then, and then passes on to browse through the magazine.
- Photographer Peter Eidenberg - (Sweden)

I love both the aesthetic and the idea of the interview format. There are people from so many different backgrounds and from all over the world who work as models and photographers, and I think it’s important to highlight that. I also like that it looks like both an arts magazine and a fashion magazine.
- Model Sophia Dunn-Walker - (France)

It’s pretty cool. It’s proffesional and shows people with real passion.
- Model Margo Marlow - (Poland)

I think it’s really great! An online magazine has a wider customer base than a regular magazine. The fact that the magazine is submission-based as well makes it a lot better. You’re getting to see photos from models and photographers that you wouldn't have seen otherwise.
- Photographer Tobias Sörling - (Sweden)

I found out about these magazine august these year, didn’t had much time to read as much I would like to.
But I think it has a pretty layout and some nice stories inside, for now I don’t really have a good opinion
- Photographer  Dustin Elzinga - (Netherlands)

I was very impressed when I saw You magazine. World level!
I like that the photographs "play a  first violin". There's no a too much text, which makes this magazine is very perspicuous and attracting attention.
I'm so proud to be there :)
- Photographer  Gabriela Machlowska - (Italy)

J’aime beaucoup votre magazine. Par manque de temps, je refuse souvent des publications mais j’ai aimé le vôtre ainsi que la prise de contact qui a été très simple et agréable.
- Photographer Yann Malotti - (France)

I think the magazine is inspiring and extremely creative. It’s also lovely that you choose models from al sorts of countries and places. I mean, Im short and the magazine still se my potential as a model. It think that is outstanding and modern. It’s simply a hardcore magazine
- Model Amalia Lundell - (Sweden)

It’s a great magazine, I already new it and I think is a great idea toh ave a magazine like your for all the photographers and models!!!
- Photographer Gabriele Rigon - (Italy)

I didn’t know it, I am quite proud to have some of my photos and interview in you magazine! I like it, and is a perfect way to put together works of Models and Photographers.
- Model Maria Rita Chiara Pantaleoni - (Italy)

Ik vind het een leuk blad omdat  fotografen en modellen de kans krijgen om zichzelf te laten zien.
- Model: Melissa Seddaiu – (Neterlands)

I love it ! It’s nice that it’s giving chance to show many talentet artist with different hobbies people from other countries . It’s a good source of art and inspiration .
- Makeup artist Monica  Dulska - (Poland)

C'est un magazine qui est très bien conçu, très intéressant et qui donne la parole à des photographes passionnés et talentueux, modèles, MUA, stylistes, etc... et qui nous fait découvrir de magnifique réalisations, et qui nous dévoile également des modèles aux qualités "photogéniques" exceptionnelles... Un magazine qui ne "mange pas de papier" (donc "écolo"), et qui est d'un super niveau sur le plan artistique.
L'occasion aussi de vous adresser un immense "Merci", pour m'avoir contacté, et m'avoir permis de réaliser cet interview, et partager ma passion avec vos lecteurs.
- Photographer Philippe Pepin - (France)

Ik volg het magazine al zeer lang en vind het een prachtig initiatief!
Het is enorm vernieuwend en ben ook ongelooflijk blij dat ik er eens mag instaan!
- Model Yoni Blommaert - (Belgium)

It’s a very interesting magazine. It gave me the opportunity to know new photographers. You are really doing a great job in the photographic sector.
-  Photographer: Manuel Poggiali - (Italy)
Ik vind het wel een leuk blad! Leuke thema´s, en verhalen. En ik vind het ook erg leuk dat ik gevraagd ben voor deze korte intervieuw. Heel erg bedankt daarvoor!
- Mode: Tessa Derks - (Netherlands)

J’aime beaucoup le fait qu'il y ai une grande place dédiée aux interviews sur les différents intervenants lors d’un shooting.
- Photographer Romain Maurette - (France)

The best way to progress in our job is to see and be seen.
Modellenland is an amazing tool to share our passion and hard work, to find new inspiration, contacts and grow professionally.
- Model Roberta Beckham - (Italy)

An original and well-finished magazine oriented towards photographers and models.. Good work, keep it up!
- Photographer Daniele Rebecchi - (Italy)
It’s a great and inspiring magazine for everyone in the business – models, photographers and makeup artists.
- Model Frida Fornander - (Sweden)

Les éditoriales de votre magazine sont incroyables. Toujours de bon goût, ils m’inspirent pour divers projets que ce soit dans la photographie ou dans le domaine de la peinture. Je l’ai découvert depuis peu, mais je suis devenu accro!
- Model Valentin Dickler - (Switzerland)

I love the concept. It’s provide the opportunity to discover some amazing models, make up artists, designers and photographers, all over the world. I’ve already spend several hours on it !
- Photographer Leslie Launay - (france)

Je pense que c'est un magazine vraiment intéressant avec un très bon concept. Qui met en avant mannequin, modèles ou photographe à sa juste valeur.
- Model: Cindy Jordane - (France)

Wonderful that there is a magazine where the models, photographers and stylists have the opportunity to learn about each other. Keep up the good work! Thank you for the attention.
- Photographer: Santa Kelcey – (Letland)

As I said, i’m very curious and I love to see beautiful pictures. In this magazine, we can see pictures in full-pages, differents styles, and artists and models of differents countries. It’s really great !  Thank you for that !
- Makeup artist Stéphanie Bernard - (France)

Modellenland Magazine is fantastic. I love the diversity of models and their variety of images! Thankyou for such a great variety of inspirational posts!
- Model Lily May - (UK)

Modellen Land is the kind of magazine that gives opportunities for new artists like me to feature our work, I’m grateful for that.
- Photographer May Wongdeethai - (Thailand)

It's great that there is such a magazine that wants to hear and see what happens, and a magazine that reaches out to others who are interested, it opens the eyes of others. Nice pictures and t fun to read!
- Model: Frida Louise Karlsson – (Sweden)

I love it!! My favorite
- Model Sabrina Ziyada - (Sweden)

e le trouve très bien fait et il mets en avant les photographes et leurs travaux.
- Photographer Florian Gimbert - (France)

Je ne le connais pas vraiment, sincèrement.
- Model Evie Debbie - (Belgium)

Het is prachtig ik zou zeggen ga zo door!
- Photographer Sander van Laar - (Netherlands)

Amazing, keep it up.  It is such honor to be a part of the Modelland magazine. Thank you very much.
- Model Mena Chantasiri - (Netherlands)

I adore that magazine presents so many interesting people, enormous
variety. I hope you will continue your path this way.
-Model Iwona Iwanicka – (Poland)

Amazing, it's a great way for people to find talent and for artists to show their work!
- Photographer Jonas Wahlin - (Sweden)

I had been busy to check it out , but i will soon :D hahahah
- Photographer: Freddy Billqvist - (Sweden)

Leuk ! Zeer toegankelijk voor fotografen en modellen om hun verhaal in kwijt te kunnen!! Keep up the good work zou ik zeggen
- Model Sarah Haelterman - (Belgium)

It’s my first publication and I want to thank you for that. It’s so cool to discover new
magazine. I hope that one day I will see your magazine in French kiosk.
- Photographer  Cyprien Bussy - (France)

I think is a great magazine and a amazing opportunity to showcase what you do and who you are! So many great models and photographers to get to know through this magazine!
- Model: Pia Dahlbom - (Sweden)

Het nieuwe magazine is heel stijlvol opgemaakt vooral de presentatie van fullpage foto’s om het beeld te versterken is erg goed. Ook de afwisseling tussen model, visagist en fotograaf uit verschillende landen maakt het tot een internationaal magazine.
- Photographer Robin Sommers - (Netherlands)


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